Below are some of the presentations I have presented at different conferences!

Accessible Web Design

Presented on July 19, 2014 at DesignDay Meet-up

Web Accessibility and WCAG

Presented at Workshop on next generation web organized jointly by LNM Institute of Information Technology and W3C India on 12th February, 2012

Yahoo! Messenger & Accessibility

Presented at Techshare India 2012 on 7th February, 2012

The Power of ARIA

Presented at Techshare India 2012 on 7th February, 2012

Role of Assistive Technologies in Higher Education and Work Places

Presented at Nevertheless conference in association with IIM Bangalore and Fourth Wave Foundation on 21st January, 2012

Accessibility – Open Hack India 2011

Presented at Open Hack India 2011 on 30th July, 2011

Role of Engineering Best Practices to Create an Inclusive Web

Presented at CSUN‘s 26th Annual Conference on Technology on Technology and Persons with Disabilities at San Diego, CA, USA

Common Misconceptions on Web Accessibility

Presented at World Usability Conference at Chennai

Need for Web Accessibility in Developing Countries – Yahoo! Initiatives

presented at Techshare India 2010