Assistive Technologies

List of Assistive technology and Devices vendors in India

List of Assistive Technologies

FAQ‘s about and the use of NVDA

  • Question: What is NVDA and how do I get it?
    Answer: Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) is a free and open source screen reader. It can be downloaded from
  • Question: Where can I download NVDA 2011.3 Portable version?
    Answer: You can directly download from the NVDA 2011.3 Portable download page
  • Question: How do I increase or decrease the speed of NVDA?
    Answer: Go to NVDA by pressing NVDA Key (Caps Lock or Insert) + N, activate preferences, then choose Voice Settings… Once you get Voice settings dialog box, use tab key till you reach “Rate”, then use Left arrow key to decrease the speed and right arrow key to increase the speed.