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28 Jun

All is well…

Ah, by the grace of God, blessings of our Guruji, wishes from all our family members and friends, thankfully all is well now! On 25th June, 2016, week-end has begun as usual, we had a nice breakfast, started watching a movie (but soon our daughter wanted us to entertain her with something else), prepared food […]

On engagement day 8th May, 2011
24 Jun

5 years of togetherness

Hema and I completes 5 years of togetherness today. It has been so far a memorable of course with a few difference of opinions which is quite common between two people who come from different backgrounds. To be fair, Hema have put in great efforts to understand our family and adopted right way living. It […]

22 Jun

Government helplines are proactive

Earlier when there is some problem with utilities like electricity or water and someone calls up the available helpline or department phone number, the response was either rude or a word like “we will look into”; but now things are changed. Helplines are more proactive. Some of my recent experiences in Bangalore. A month ago, […]

21 Jun

June 21, International Yoga Day

Yoga is a physical, mental and spirtual practice attribute mostly to India. Shri. Narendra Modi in his United Nations address suggested 21st June be observed as International Yoga Day. Reason for 21st June is that it’s a longest day of the year and shares special significance in many parts of the world. “Yoga is an […]

13 Jun

eWallet saved my ignorance

eWallets are indeed a great revelation. They not only help us go green but also help us indeed during our ignorance. Today, I forgot my wallet at home and only realized when I got into the cab to work. Thanks to eWallet, able to using Ola Money. Here are a few eWallets I use: Ola […]

9 Jun

Ola vs Uber

For about a few months, I have been using Ola Cabs and Uber in Bangalore for commute to work and return home. Thought I would do a quick comparison of both. Ola Uber App is fairly accessible using talk back on Android and not easy to use with VoiceOver on iPhone App is accessible using […]

8 Jun

What would makes sense in public places – ramps, stairs, escalators, elevators?

I have been reading some thoughts about making public places in India accessible and I do have some thoughts about the same. Discussions are around entering one floor to another or changing platforms in Railway stations. The facilities can be introduced based on size of premise. We cannot practically have all of the options viz. […]

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