Month: October 2015

Bring light to the ignorant – Quote of the day 13th October, 2015

Bring light to the ignorant, and more light to the educated for the vanities of the education of our times are tremendous. -Swami Vivekananda Unfortunate but it’s true; we see more ignorance from the educated than others. Consider a simple instance; buyers who come on two wheelers often just part right infant of the shop; […]

Ridicule, Opposition and acceptance – Quote of the day 9th October, 2015

Each work has to pass through these stages—ridicule, opposition, and then acceptance. Those who think ahead of their time are sure to be misunderstood. – Swami Vivekananda It’s a general tendency that when something new comes, first community ridicule it, oppose it but when they start seeing value in it, finally they accept it. Though […]

Relationships are more important than life… Quote of the day 5th October 2015

Relationships are more important than life, but it is important for those relationships to have life in them…. – Swami Vivekananda Why do we see investors are pouring money into businesses of Social networking? Why are we using social networks like Facebook and WhatsApp? Why is WhatsApp become so popular that even it has reached […]

Believe in yourself – Quote of the day 4th October, 2015

You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself. -Swami Vivekananda Absolutely when one doesn’t believe in him or herself, they cannot claim that they believe in God. One should believe their abilities, strengths, believe that they have ability to identify their limitations but optimistic overcome. Having belief brings success in life. Have an […]

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