For a few weeks now, I regularly listen to Pravachanams (speeches) of Dr. Sri. Garikapati Narasimha Rao garu (in Telugu); I learn something from each speech. I wish I should have started listening to his speeches earlier; better late than never. In one of his recent speeches, something touched me indeed and I thought sharing Continue reading “”

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What a relief for those students and parents waiting anxiously for results of 10th Class; results are out recently and celebrations are happening everywhere. Congratulations to all those who have passed. If you are someone reading this post and not passed, not to worry, you haven’t lost anything. I don’t say failure is pathway to Continue reading “”

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I wish this sort of workshops are conducted in the mainstream as well. Today, we see many students with a great score in college and excellent knowledge in theory but often we find lack of communication, right attitude in candidates. That’s a partial reason why some students find it difficult to find a job. Spotted Continue reading “”

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Arise, Awake and Stop not until your goal is achieved – Swami Vivekananda Of course things may be difficult, but there is nothing in this world that’s not possible. Only thing that one needs to have is a strong desire to achieve. It may fail once, twice or several times but if your goal is Continue reading “”

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