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Update 1st January, 2014

A very happy 2014! May this new year brings joy, love, peace, happiness and may all your dreams come true! Day actually started at middle of night with all new year wish messages from friends and relatives and with an awesome news that The National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch, an organization that I’m […]

2nd December, 2013 Update

Was a busy day! Have done work at my day job and towards the noon on represented The National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch at a press conference organized by GudVille – a start up that has a platform for non-profits to spread word about their activities and get connected with more friends and […]

1st December 2013 Update

Woke up with no plans but I think we make ideas while taking bath!! Went out for lunch with my darling Hema, loved ones Kameshwari, Anwar, Gayathri and mother-in-law. Enjoyed all the dishes except sweets. Then Anwar got us some delicious ice creams and came home in the evening. One request I have for all […]

29th & 30th November 2013 update

Our car went for second service and glad that vehicle is in good condition. Surprisingly, vendor did not suggested us to install any additional things! Friday evening attended appreciation event for this children, teachers and schools who are raising funds for The National Association for the Blind Karnataka Branch. It is amazing to see the […]

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