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ServiceSquare – incredible service

We usually attend to our household activities on our own and for some reason, we had a do a deep level of cleaning at our house and approached Service Square (External Website). When we told them our requirements, we were told they will send their personnel by 1 pm. Usually, such service companies do not […]

YearInReview2012 – with mixed feelings…

2012 is almost to the end and we will enter into the year 2013! (Yes, surely, I don’t think, anything will take away the world on 21st December!!). With that, let me do a recap of my year 2012. Year started really well. I was glad to arrange surprise cake cutting with my family. I […]

Effective use of LinkedIn and Twitter

Thanks to a colleague’s question on Twitter asking tips that would help him to make best use of LinkedIn, that has prompted me to come up with this quick post on Effective Use of LinkedIn and Twitter. We know, both LinkedIn and Twitter are two major portals on social media and helps us connect with […]

Nice to see so much advancement in technology!

Today, for the first time, I am writing a post from my iPhone! Just installed WordPress app and it’s pretty cool! In fact, much convenient to blog even on the go! Not just writing posts, the app will also allow you to add comments, managing comments and much more. Now you can expect some live […]

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