To help my mother-in-law, I have recently travelled to Hyderabad from Bangalore. This is my first travel during this COVID 19 situation. Good news due to COVID 19 measures is that we no longer have to print boarding pass. Travellers can do a web check-in and carry electronic boarding pass on their mobile device. Not Continue reading “”

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It’s essential that we sleep at least for 7 hours a night and an hour during day. A lot of people complaint that they they do not get sleep. Here are some tips that I have learnt from various spiritual speeches. Leave gadgets includeing mobile phone 30 minutes before going to bed. Go to bed Continue reading “”

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I never prefer to use abusive words but incidents that are taking place in Andhra Pradesh. There is news about sale of TTD Property to raise money. These properties are not allotted by any government but have donated by devotees to expand better facilities so that more devotees could visit Tirumala. Hence no government or Continue reading “”

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Lord Shri. Hanuman is known as strong devotee of Lord Shri. Rama. Shri. Hanuman is known for obedience, commitment to what he would want to do. What we need to learn from Shri. Hanuman is that there will be obstacles for every journey of life; whichever task we do, there will be some obstacle or Continue reading “”

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This is a short messaging extracted from speech of Dr. Shri. Garikipati Narasimha Rao. Once upon a time, a Hindu Pundit goes for a haircut. While working, the barber has asked “Sir, does the God exist?” The Pundit responds “Why not? by the way, I’m a brahmin pundit and spend a lot of time serving Continue reading “”

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Read news about China’s claim about quality of their Rapid Testing Kits for COVID-19 which was rejected by our Government. India has made a wise decision of advising not to use Rapid Testing Kits made in China. China can’t even produce quality toys for children and why should we trust that China can produce quality Continue reading “”

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Today, we often observe that people switch jobs for almost no reason; one of the most common reason is that the other company is offering some extra money. People especially youth of today should know that they should not switch jobs for pity reasons; there must be a strong reason for switching job. If you Continue reading “”

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India since lockdown has been extended, Indian Railways have suspended all trains till 3rd May, 2020. Indian Railways have sent messages to passengers stating e-tickets will be cancelled automatically and full refund gets credited to payment method used while booking. There is no need for users to take any action. For passengers those booked tickets Continue reading “”

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Addressing the nation, the Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra has appreciated all citizens for following lockdown to fight against Corna virus (COVID19). He recalled that when there were no single case of Carona Virus, India has decided to screen every traveller, when there were just 550 COVID19 cases, India has decided to mandate 14 day quarantine Continue reading “”

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Writing this after listening to a video of Dr. Sri. Garikapati Narasimha Rao garu about nature of Swami Vivekananda since his childhood days. Swami Vivekanada has a nature of giving to needy almost from his age of four. If he finds someone without cloths, he used to just give away cloths that he was wearing. Continue reading “”

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